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An Heirloom That Tells Your Story

Coat of Arms Rings for Men and Women

Our coat of arms rings become cherished heirlooms full of sentimental value as they are not only made for a special occasion, but then get passed down between proud generations of wearers.

A Family Treasure That Endures

Our heritage rings represent an investment beyond monetary worth. As they accumulate stories, memories, and new significance with each generation of wearers, they transform into proud family treasures imbued with emotional meaning.

Their tailored touches connect owners past and present, accumulating a rich history that lives on for generations.

Commemorate Meaningful Occasions

Few gifts can match these rings in heritage significance. Their custom-made crafting featuring your lineage symbols and century-old coat of arms makes them perfect for weddings, graduations, retirements, anniversaries, and more.

Make these milestone moments truly special with our one-of-a-kind rings designed just for your honoree.

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Can’t wait to wear it. It’s Awesome. Fit’s perfectly


Hi Emma, I think it’s perfect. I love it!


I was just about to email you. I have the ring! Love it!


We received Blake’s ring yesterday and it’s fabulous!! Looks so good and he loved it. Thank you again

Sheehan (mens ring)

I have received the ring and it is gorgeous.Thank you so much to you and Bruce, it is definitely a gorgeous, one of a kind piece that will become an heirloom ❤️

Sheehan (ladies ring)

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Honor Your Family Legacy

Our personalised coat of arms rings immortalise your family’s unique heritage and origins, transforming them into an heirloom with deep sentimental value.

These special rings display your family crest as a symbol of identity, belonging, and the stories that make your lineage stand apart. The custom crafting makes them a representation of pride and shared narrative that only gains significance when passed between generations.

We aim to create lasting family keepsakes, not just jewellery. Our expertise comes through in the high quality, attention to detail, handmade construction, durable precious metals, and intricate personal customisations.

When you invest in one of our heritage rings, you are purchasing more than an accessory. You become a custodian to your family’s living history, preserved in an heirloom made to outlast lifetimes and carry your family’s stories forward.

Brief history of heraldic rings

Customisation and meaning

Throughout the tapestry of history, signet rings have carried profound significance, often bestowed upon individuals during pivotal moments such as coming-of-age ceremonies at either 18 or 21. These rings embody the transition from youth to adulthood, encapsulating a momentous chapter in one’s personal journey.

Traditionally worn on the little finger of the right hand, signet rings transcend mere adornment. They bear the weight of familial lineage and status, typically emblazoned with the family crest or coat of arms. Beyond their decorative charm, these rings historically served a practical purpose, authenticating documents and sealing important correspondence.

The roots of signet rings stretch back millennia, originating in ancient Mesopotamia where cylindrical seals were utilized as marks of authenticity around 3500 BC. Evolving into rings over time, they became symbols worn by esteemed figures such as the Egyptian pharaohs, signifying their positions in society.

By the Middle Ages, possessing a signet ring was synonymous with influence and authority. Nobility and individuals of prominence utilised these rings to authenticate letters and legal documents. In the 14th century, King Edward II even decreed that all official documents bear the stamp of his signet ring. Upon the owner’s passing, many of these rings were destroyed to prevent the risk of forged documents, underscoring their uniqueness and the avoidance of posthumous falsifications. Owning such a ring during this era signaled membership in the highest echelons of society, setting wearers apart from the common populace.

Today, signet rings endure as fashionable and timeless accessories, suitable for both men and women. They seamlessly complement a range of styles, from casual attire like T-shirts and jeans to formal suits, adding a touch of sophistication. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, these rings serve as potential future heirlooms, safeguarding the legacy and heritage of families for generations to come.


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Have Any Questions?

Do we offer engraving services? If so, what types of engraving options do we offer?
Absolutely! Nearly all our rings are engraved with either a special message, or the family motto. Engraving can be done in any style the customer wants.
Do we offer customers the option to add stones to their rings? If so, what types of stones do we offer?
Yes. We offer all precious stones in a variety of cuts to best enhance the design and style of the ring. We even offer natural pearls.
What types of metal does we use to make their rings? For example, do we offer gold, silver, platinum, or other metals?
All precious metals are available. We can make rings in Silver, Yellow Gold, even Tri-Gold (three colours gold) to accentuate the family crest design. We can use oxide finish on silver to create stylistic contrasts. As we offer a complete custom service, anything is possible.
What is your return policy?

As each ring is custom made, and goes through a very extensive design and approval process, we tend to not offer returns. If your ring arrives damaged or if it needs repair within 12 months of receiving the ring, we obviously fix these issues immediately at no additional cost. We can also offer a cleaning service.

All rings come with a full valuation certificate which is used for your insurance company to ensure your precious item is insured for the correct value.

All rings come in their own high quality wooden box.

What is your shipping policy? How much does shipping cost?
Secure Tracked Shipping within Australia is included in the price.

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