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Hello Heraldic Friends and Family

Happy New Year!
Although, who can believe it’s February already? I mean, Valentines Day is upon us, so I hope you’re all sorted to squeeze your loved ones 🙂

As it is the season of love and commitments, I wanted to share with you a few pictures of our spectacular handmade jewellery.

We are the only provider of these beautifully crafted bespoke pieces – specialising in Mens Rings, Cufflinks, Pendants, Tie Clips, Money Clips and more. Our Artisan Silversmith is in a league of his own, custom creating such personalised masterpieces, up here in Queensland.

Remember, you are involved through the whole design journey, and the piece wont start unless you’re completely happy. We also make Womens Rings and Jewellery pieces too, we’re just profiling some of the beautiful Men’s Rings and Jewellery we’ve made recently.

I also have ‘bill-smoothing’ options if you wanted to slowly paydown the cost of a specially crafted heirloom. Just ask!

We’ve recently updated our website as well – so please head on over an take a look.
If you are a previous customer, we’d love some reviews on our website. You can add them easily, on the Reviews tab of the product you’ve purchased in the past.

As always – feel free to get in touch.

Lets talk soon.
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Historical Accuracy is our Number 1 Priority

Mens Rings

I often see men wearing a coat of arms signet ring. The ring appears flat and aged, the engraving (in some cases) seeming so feint, you can hardly tell what the image is supposed to be.
Other people have shared pictures of their Heraldic Mens Rings, and the detail is so fuzzy, it’s hard to tell if there are lizards or sausages on there!
Here are some examples of the 3D Mens Rings, Pendants and Cufflinks we have made.
All rings are made by hand, to exacting detail. Only in some cases have we used a CAD (Computer Aided Design) facility, to draw up the design. Often we find the CAD process is missing the warmth of human touch.
Feast your eyes on these beauties!

Duo Tone or Tri Tone is a great way to accentuate the design. If your Coat of Arms has a few colours, combining different coloured metals is a great way to show off the heraldic tinctures.

We have (over the years) narrowed down the most common shapes for Mens Rings
The Large Oval (GR62) 18mmx13mm
The Small Oval (GR58) 13mmx10mm
The Shield Shape (GR60) 13mmx11mm

Of course we can accommodate custom ideas and sizes as well.

To begin the quote process for Mens Rings, you need to have the finger measured at your local jeweller. They will give you a specific ring size, so make sure that is the most comfortable size you try. Your ring will be matched and made to this exacting Jewellers Ring Size specification.

Questions we ask when starting to quote for a ring:
Ring Size
Ring Shape
Preferred Metal – for the design, we are happy to use two or tri tone (so a combination of Yellow, Rose and White gold)
How ‘big’ is the Gentleman this ring is for? Is he tall and skinny, short and stocky, or the Incredible Hulk!
If he has large hands, he may wish to get out a ruler and measure up the space on his finger where he wants the coat of arms face to sit, taking a note of the size he feels best suits his paws.
Name/Coat of Arms to be used, and which element of the arms shall we focus on (we can look up the arms for you over the phone, and send you a screenshot if you’ve never seen it before)
Flat Back or Hollow Back – This affects the price, as the less gold, the less weight. 

Mens Cufflinks

It’s not often we get to make such stunning pieces, like the Mens Cufflink. They are an investment (just like a Ring) and instead of One piece, there’s TWO!
Here is a set we made recently for a favourite customer.
Every aspect of the cufflinks were made by hand – including the traditional ‘link’ and toggle.

We can also make cufflinks in 3D like our ring designs. That does alter the final cost.

Mens Pendant

Another special gift made for Christmas just gone. A Mens Pendant. We’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. Everything is handmade, including the link.

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